Hi! My name is Philip.
Philip Liljenberg
email: me@himynameisphilip.com
CV: Here´s my Linkedin

I work at Hasselblad
I run the  minimalistic marketing & content agency La Mer Nordique

Articles online:
HUCK Magazine
Staf Magazine
Bitchslap Magazine

Upcoming Exhibitions:

Past Exhibitions:
Nov 2013 – Exhibition, Street Files, Zürich – Switzerland
June 2014 – Exhibition, Sandqvist, Gothenburg – Sweden.
Dec 2014 – Skate deck designs + Photo exhibition for the This is Scandinavia x Hollywood.se collab boards. Gothenburg – Sweden.
Nov 2015 – Exhibition, ONE Innsbruck, Innsbruck – Austria
May 2016 – Grandpa, Stockholm – Sweden
July/Aug 2016 – The Bite, Zürich – Switzerland
Dec 2017 – Sooma, Gothenburg – Sweden

What I do:
I take photos, film & edit, paint, write music, play the guitar, camp, travel, snowboard and skate.